Shipping damage is remedied by the shipper. Let me know and I'll initiate the claim.

Shipping fees are NOT refundable

Here's something i bet you didn't know, this is from the Canada Post website.

Canada Post shall have no liability for damage of shipments containing
Electronic Goods that are shipped in any packaging other than:
• the manufacturer's original packaging, which is undamaged and has
retained its intended shape and strength;
• packaging that abides by Canada Post's packaging guidelines; or
• Canada Post's packaging for the shipment of electronics

Canada Post shall have no liability for damage of shipments containing Fragile Items.

You must also be able to prove the value of the item

Buyers should read the Canada Post link above. Like many insurance policies, there are lots of loopholes for insurers to deny payment.

As a guideline, the customers packaging should withstand a drop of approximately one meter in order to prevent potential damage or breakage.

The shipping options are:
Canada Post
Priority   or
Expresspost   or
Regular Parcel

Most smaller items are shipped with Expresspost which includes $100 insurance at no extra cost. Coverage above this is the responsibility of the purchaser which is approx. $2.25 for every $100 of coverage.

Larger items >65lbs will not be accepted by Canada Post.
Some other method will be required.

Items of any value should be picked up personally. Transceivers can be tested in my shack to any extent you deem necessary.