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Anan 7000 DLE
This one is to set up the audio levels for a flat response. Labs ANAN CFC

Audio Tools Setup Guide - 8/18/2017

This one is for virtual audio cables, I used this to make js8call work on the anan

VAC: Installation and Initialisation of Virtual Audio Cable with PowerSDR Digi-Modes

This one is for a virtual serial port emulator, it costs some but it has more options than comOcom.

With the vspe I can get the annan to talk to dxlab and n1mm at the same time. There is a bridge so you can use n1mm and then log to dxlab

Fldigi-DXLabs Gateway


Anan Ethernet connection

73, have fun with the anan

It will be troublesome to use standard windows com1 for this. Windows will try to use com1 as a default. You can make changes using windows "device manager". The anan is the source of the data and I use dxlab commander as the receiver of the data. Js8call can use dxlab as a cat device. The vspe connector will allow data to pass to any device that uses or can be set to com10. Usually com10 will appear once you enable it in the vspe program. I used com10 in vspe for no reason other than it is easy to remember.

Set dxlab using the config button in the commander screen

Set the anan cat control to com10 as well. You will know when data is passing because the commander display will show the current anan frequency. You can also use the memory locations in commander as a bonus

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