Wandering around the shack at midnight  (05:00 UTC) ,
worked all the dx on the cluster, nothing to do? 
QSY to 3.750 and check into the
Trans Canada POW WOW Club
Daily 3.750 khz at Midnight

Net control operators are Larry VE5LBD, Les VE3LTX and Bob VE3RVA. Anyone is welcome to take an evening and encouraged to do so. Either make your wishes known using the webform or just go on the air at net time.
The Trans Canada Pow Wow Club needs YOU
NET Control Stations Wanted.
Trans Canada POW WOW Club
Friday, October 13, 2017
Trans Canada POW WOW Club
Welcome to the club webpage, the club was founded in November 1983 by VE1CHA, VE2RL and VE3FEX.

The Club operates Sunday to Thursday from the end of September to the end of April to promote and encourage reliable communications from coast to coast and to help all amateurs to improve their stations and to share friendship and good fellowship.

Canada Call Areas
Friday, October 13, 2017
Canada Call Areas

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Pow Wow Club Certificate
Friday, October 13, 2017
Pow Wow Club Certificate
Border designed by VE3MTM

Since memberships to the Pow-Wow Club have taken on international interest, it seemed more appropriate to use the border area of the certificate to depict some of the indiginous culture on our North South, West and Eastern boundaries.

In the NW corner we started with an Innuit depiction of the sun and its importance in the cosmology of VE8 land followed by birds and fish, important to the survival in the Yukon and Territories. Next is the Innuit Magic Owl who rules over the top of the world and may be responsible for outbreaks in the Aurora. Two name places in Innuit letters near Frobisher and on Baffin Island surround a caribou and its spirit life within. Snowy Owl views eggs, Cormorant and seal hunter leads into the corner where a northern monster plays games with static and propagation.

On the right hand border, Mic Mac stone carvings, Cormorants and cod bring us to the present. It would not be fitting without a schooner for Roger which he can sail through a sea of rum. Finally Squid, nets, lobster traps and lobsters complete the design.
The bottom border is mainly taken from rock carvings left by many of the Indians across Canada's southern belt.

Western hams fall heir to a Haida concept of Who's Who out there. Anybody who is anybody out there is sure to find himself wedged into this totem somewhere - no names, no pack drill.
All topped by a Kwakiutl pumpkin.

The original prerequisite for the certificate was that one had to call in at least once a year for 5 consecutive years but I would be OK with 5 times in any one year.  To get your certificate, check in to the net, the controller will log your call, as will you, then when you get to 5 checkins and the net control stations can confirm it, (send me your log of contacts info in an email) , I will print it out and mail it to the recipient, this for a fee of $5 just to cover the postage, envelope and paper.