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Radio Serial Numbers
Yaesu Serial number
Serial number format is YMLLUUUU where

Y is the last digit of the year,
M is the month with C = Jan, D = Feb and so on,
LL is the lot number  and UUUU is the unit number within the lot.

Kenwood Serial number

Year = X-2 (last digit of year),  month = yy,  order on line = zzzz

Here is how the new style (August, 2008 and later) Kenwood serial numbers are decoded:
The first character denotes the decade, the second character is  the year within the decade, and the third character is the month  within the year.

First character
A = 200x
B = 201x
C = 202x

Second Character
0 = 2010, 2020, etc.
9 = 2009, 2019, etc.

Third Character
1 = January
9 = September
A = October
C = December

So B would be the decade starting with 2010, the 2 would be 2012, and the 3 would be March

ICOM doesn't follow any sequence.

Alpha Amplifiers  Production Dates

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